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Hail Damage Roof Repairs Janesville


It’s not at all unusual that hail falls during spring and summer months here in places like Janesville, Wisconsin. Are you worried about hail damage which might have recently impacted your roof? While most hailstones are small, the damage that hail causes can be severe to your roof.

Hail is formed during thunderstorms. Updrafts of air push raindrops into very cold parts of the atmosphere. There, held aloft by these updrafts, the raindrops freeze into hail and then collide with other precipitation to grow bigger and bigger.

Hail is commonly marble-sized and hits ground at about 20-25 miles per hour, enough to cause hail damage to roofs, which happens regularly in Southern Wisconsin. Although, hailstones can be as large as golf balls and even baseballs. But no matter how small or large the hail, it can be devastating to your roof and home.

Hail is different from sleet. Sleet usually forms in the wintertime as a mixture of snow and rain. It isn’t as much of a threat to roof damage caused by hail. Did your roof begin leaking following a weather event? Do you want to arm your home or building from future ravages of hailstorms while potentially lowering your property insurance premiums? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Believe us, at Distinct Exteriors we have seen the ravages of hailstorms many times and we’ve acquired special expertise in assessing and fixing damaged roofs impacted by hail storms.

Roof Damage Inspections after a Hail Storm

If your home has experienced a hail storm, don't hesistate to call us to have your roof inspected by our storm damage team.

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  1. Hailstorms wreak havoc on all sorts of property, from cars to homes and buildings, machinery… even to agricultural assets.
  2. Shingle cracks and punctures can allow water penetration to the roof decking leading to rot and eventually roof leaks.
  3. Asphalt tile ‘Bruising,” cracking and dislodged surface granules (an important shingle component) equate to critical, premature wear and tear to roofing material.
  4. Dents and fractures to metal roofs often lead to rust and deterioration of the metal panels.
  5. Damaged or destroyed vents can compromise inside air circulation and cause high utility bills.
  6. In 2019 there were 5,382 major hail storms causing hail damage to over 12 million properties throughout the U.S.


  1. Missing pieces of shingle; cracked shingle or tiles. Fix or replace immediately.
  2. Exposed substrate-the black underlayment beneath the shingles. Immediate attention is required.
  3. Dimples in the asphalt surface of the shingles. Soft dents mean the material has been compromised and needs to be replaced.
  4. "Cratering" upon the asphalt surface, is determined by the impact damage that shows a circular “fissure” surrounding an indentation. Replace the material immediately


At Distinct Exteriors, we try to remind our clients that property insurance companies offer a discount for hail-resistant roofs, while some insurers even can put a surcharge on deductibles if a property in a hail-prone area that does not have a roof that isn’t warranted against hail damage. Several manufactures make roofing material engineered to resist the impact of hail. Please ask us about what roofing products are great for hail prone areas in Wisconsin.


So, when icy 95-mile per hour fastballs come your way, call Distinct Exteriors 608-201-0008. The vast majority of home insurance companies cover the re-roof cost so the price issue are non factor if you follow the right steps with your insurance.

We promise that if your roof is damaged, we’ll diagnose the issues quickly and give you a fair price on the high quality workmanship. Distinct Exteriors will walk you through the process to get the best outcome for your pocket and your roof. Distinct Exteriors knows how to handle hail damage.

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